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Wearing Copper Bracelets To Control My

Restless Legs Syndrome


Halcyon Bracelets No Name

Get A Great Night's Sleep!

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Look Out For Those Sold With A Money Back Guarantee & Free Cloth


Restless Legs Syndrome is a common nuerological condition that causes an overwhelming, irresistible urge to move the legs. It can also cause an unpleasant tugging, crawling or creeping sensation in the legs, feet, calves, thighs and even arms and torso. The sensations are often worse in the evening or at night and vary from mild to very severe.

My name is Sue Jarvis I am a working mum, long time sufferer of Restless Legs Syndrome. I bought a pair of pure copper bracelets made of the purest copper available over 35 years ago now and they have greatly controlled my symptoms.  I generally find that they need renewing about every 2 -3 years in order to maintain their effectiveness as copper oxidises over a period of time. I also have only ever found that the symptoms are controlled if wearing two bracelets, one on each wrist. Wearing just one bracelet has never been effective for me, my family or the people that I have recommended them to over the years. Please see "Sizing & Fitting" above for more information. It is best to look for bracelets that are pure copper and sold in pairs as they are generally the only ones with a trial period money back guarantee.

Whilst I have told my family and close friends about wearing these bracelets, I have also been wanting to tell fellow sufferers about them, so have set up this blog in order to do so. Unfortunately due to advertising restrictions, I am not allowed to mention the brand that I use and sell, but if you search online or on Ebay for pure copper bracelets sold in pairs, you should find the best ones which also come with a free cleaning cloth. I have tried other types of copper bracelets in the past (when perhaps I have forgotten to take mine with me on holiday) but I  have never found any as effective as the pure copper ones that  I stumbled across many years ago. I have conducted much research and I have read many accounts of distress from people who have suffered for years with RLS and despite growing pressure and more research, it is still not clearly known for sure exactly what causes it. I stumbled across the effectiveness of wearing this type of bracelet on each wrist whilst trying them for another ailment in my mid twenties, and could not manage without them now in my sixties.  They truly have made a huge difference to my daily life, as endless nights walking the floor boards used to have a devastating affect on the following day.  


I have been a sufferer of Restless Legs at night since childhood but it became more severe in my mid twenties. I also get it during the evenings and at other times like when travelling in the car or a plane or just sitting in the theatre etc.  If you are a sufferer (and I'm sure you probably are, as you are reading this) you will understand exactly why travelling for long periods of time can be a nightmare and sadly is often avoided by RLS sufferers. I use my bracelets nightly and during other times of rest if I feel my symptoms coming on.   Once I have one on each wrist with the gap on top they control my symptoms, which does allow me to enjoy travel, theatre and most importantly sleep!  


As mentioned, due to advertising restrictions, unfortunately I am not allowed to mention the brand of bracelets that I use and sell and find most effective, even though thousands of people have commented on how they have relieved their horrid RLS symptoms. I have, unfortunately, also lost a lot of testimonials that were on here due to a website migration not going according to plan.  I will be rectifying that in due course but hope you will find the old ones I have managed to retain of much interest. 

So how do they work?.. Apparently, we as human beings have enough electricity in our body to light a 40 watt lightbulb. The brain sends an electrical signal to parts of the body through nerves. For example, if you want to move your arm the part of the brain involved in movement, sends an electrical signal along the nerves through the brain stem (the very bottom of the brain), part way down the spinal chord and then into the arm to the muscles which allow the arm to move. In the case of our leg movements,  the electrical signal would go all the way down your spinal chord.  With regards to Restless Legs Syndrome, it is thought by the medical profession that abnormal electrical activity emanating from the brain, is what causes the horrid sensations that we feel. Many medications given for Restless Legs Syndrome are prescribed to suppress abnormal electrical activity in the brain. So where does copper come into it? As is widely known, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and because of that, it is thought that the bracelets work in the opposite way..  Instead of suppressing this abnormal electrical activity, perhaps conducting it, thus calming the legs or indeed other parts of the body that are affected by Restless Legs Syndrome.  Whatever the reasons behind the working of a pair of pure copper bracelets on the relief of restless legs syndrome., the fact is that they have controlled my restless legs and are now helping many many fellow sufferers.  As they say "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." and it is so true in this case. 

Since I have been telling people about wearing the bracelets, there has been an amazing response with many people saying that they have changed their lives greatly for the better.  Look out for sites that give a money back guarantee too as you know they will be someone you can trust.

I have always found it very important to get the correct size and to wear them in the correct way, so please do click on the tab above for help on what size would be best for you and how best to wear them for maximum benefit.  Also it is important to keep them cleaned up regularly.


Good luck and here's to a good nights sleep!!



My name is Sue Jarvis & I have suffered with Restless Legs Syndrome since childhood. About 35 years ago I discovered that wearing pure copper bracelets in a certain way controlled my Restless Legs. I only find those bought and worn in pairs are most effective for me, so do choose carefully.





I Always Wear One Bracelet On Each Wrist At Night And Take Off In The Morning.

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